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All sexy fights and fighters <3
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Dr. Edgar Slam
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi! I'm Dr. Edgar Slam. I make artwork of sexy people with loud genitals that Super Slam each-other's Cities.

I have a webstore, but I can't link you here: but the best place to go is my Patreon:

- Dr. Edgar Slam


Iron's Hug
SNAP!! Don't get too close to Iron Belly in battle!!

Take from IB vs Sascha, which is available now on my store and Patreon:
Get ALL my releases on Patreon:
Iron VS Sascha - On Set Preview
I resent the enviroment being added in POST PRODUCTION. Me and her are both veteran performers and we deserve BETTER.

Good point, not taken. Okay: set-7, this is the anal segment. Iron Belly, try to look a little bit SHOCKED, okay?

Shocked? I just got my nipples twisted off in set-6. My brain should be in outer space by now. I think I should look DAZED.

Good point, not taken. Look SHOCKED. - And Sascha, your expression is DERPY, try to look FIENDISH, okay?

FIENDISH? What the hell kinda look is FIENDISH?? I never looked "fiendish" in me life!

You're Tony the Tiger and Iron Belly's a great big bowl of Frosted Flakes, okay?

Oh, I think I can do that! - Shall we start? - Is Iron ready? I can't see her face from back here, all I can see is her enormous backside. IRON!! Y'got yer shocked face on?

Pfft. Yeah. But I don't much care for it. Let's get on with this, it's cold in this studio.

Okay. - ACTION!!


This production will be for all $10 Patrons when it's done:
Iron Belly to fight SASCHA
Ladies and gentleman, could you please welcome back Professor Sascha Blaze-Zephia.

Sascha is one of my oldest OCs. He walks the fine line between being a comedy character and a more realistic character, this is because his personality IS grounded in reality, but he HIMSELF is a guy who likes to make people laugh.

A self-depricator, he is capable of more than he gives himself credit for, and I just feel like him going toe-to-toe with Iron Belly will be nothing short of sexy mixed-wrestling magic.

His ability is going to shock her, and well, her ability is always shocking. Let's get this thing moving, man.

This match will be for $10 Patrons, no matter how large it turns out, or what price it may have on the store.

- Doc

Get ALL my releases on Patreon:
High School Sweethearts - Cala And Koko
Here is the origins of two of my oldest characters, Kogrie Persons and Calamonsetia. Their stories have changed a lot over time, but the origins tale listed below is a collection of some of their oldest content, so it's back to the roots of these two, and you can't say there isn't PLENTY of fun to be had with them. ;)

- Doc


The story of Calamonsetia and Kogrie Persons is one of rewarded kindness, true love - and much, MUCH sexdom.

Kogrie was a "weird kid" at high school. One of the only male students to wear make-up, with scruffy white hair and spoken with a silver tongue despite a crushingly impoverished upbringing. Discarded as "weak" by the other students due to his overt gentlemanly conduct, boys thought he was a pushover and the girls thought he was a freak.

In her earlier years, Calamonsetia was tall, even at sixteen she was nearly seven foot, but untoned and unkempt, walking with a shameful shuffle and a nervous twitch. She was the "lanky girl" as proclaimed by all the classmates, girls and boys alike.

In their meeting-years, the two sought solace in one-another, away from the students who bullied and made fun of them, engaging in lengthy conversations and discreetly meeting alone to avoid any attention from their brutish classmates.

They seldom stood up for each-other, knowing full-well that the children around them would relish bullying them as a pair. Neither were strong and would crumble when threatened, so they kept their heads down and gritted their teeth, waiting for high school to end - at least, that was the plan.

They'd been pushed, they'd been shoved, made fun of, picked on, beaten up - and none of it mattered so long as they had each-other. So long as they had one-another they could laugh about whatever recent darkness had befallen them.

Eventually they were caught embracing behind the school bike sheds together, and the information spread like wildfire. Kogrie's short stature amused the students when paired with the "lanky" Calamonsetia. Every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted to tease the courting "freaks" and for a while it was just a small pulse of their regular dosage of unkind peers, but that was only for a while.

Days to follow, the bullying intensified, and Calamonsetia and Kogrie found themselves in worse and worse situations - until one day Calamonsetia was set upon by several other students. They dragged her to the ground in a mobbing frenzy, no student capped the extent of the attack and it worsened. They struck her repeatedly for sheer entertainment, over and over.

Kogrie had rarely seen his partner struck before, and just like Calamonsetia, he would always assess the severity of the situation, usually deciding that the two could laugh about it later - but this incident was by far the worst yet, and as he saw blood drawn from his taller partner, he knew he had to do something about it.

With a rare spark of rage, he charged the fray, striking one student in the chest and pushing another to disperse the pack mentality. - The student struck was on life support for months to follow, and the student pushed was not found until the following day - ten blocks away from the school.

The energy that fills the Obsidian universes, T'Vaar Energy, is sometimes naturally mastered - this is how superheroes are made.

From that moment on (funnily enough) all of the students were incredibly nice to Calamonsetia and her ridiculously powerful boyfriend, Kogrie. His astounding strength was a shock to everyone, including himself. His gentle conduct and delicate touch had completely masked the fact that all along he could have razed that school to the ground with one punch.

The two remained inseparable even after leaving school, tying the knot and solidifying them as married high school sweethearts, however, Calamonsetia often felt inferior. She adored the contrast of his delicate conduct and almighty strength, but was saddened by the fact that she could never feel his full strength, and had only his delicacy to celebrate. Which she enjoyed, but as she still says today: "sometimes a girl likes to be thrown around!"

But this, of course - would change.

Once again; The energy that fills the Obsidian universes, T'Vaar Energy, is sometimes naturally mastered - this is how superheroes are made. This is also how natural giants are made.

Calamonsetia did not stop growing until she was thirty years old. As the years crept on she became taller and taller, often wearing very little clothing because "well, fuck that".

She worked hard on her body, sculpting it into a powerfully unstoppable giantess force. It was only natural for the two to become more vigilant as time went on, and more sexual, and more violent.

Calamonsetia would often take pleasure in attacking Kogrie first thing in the morning to see how her own strength had grown. He would usually swat her off like a colossal and curvaceous fly, but during her late twenties, the tables began to slowly turn.

She would never dominate him without question, but the likelihood of rivalling him pound-for-pound became increasingly evident. Even as he mastered laser-vision and the power of flight, a full-on sexual brawl with his lover was becoming incredibly challenging.

After their thirtieth birthdays there was nothing he could throw at her that she couldn't handle, and nothing she could throw at him that he couldn't handle. This bizarre husband and wife had began a deranged dynamic duo of crime-fighting and problem-solving, laced with more sexuality than anyone could handle.

There is no bond greater than the two "freaks" in high school who stuck by one-another against the odds. She didn't know he'd become a super-stud and he had no idea that one day he'd be dwarfed by her toes, she never knew she'd be thrashing the little man all over the city, and he had no idea he'd be hurling her massive augustness through skyscrapers. - But being loyal has its rewards.

At a considerably different size, the two are of identical strengths. Kogrie's comes from his super-strength, Calamonsetia's comes from her enormous stature. May the Obsidian Gods take mercy on whatever poor villain crosses the path of this unstoppable husband and wife team.


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